For biosciences:

“Adam was hands down the best physics TA I've ever had! He always came in with a smile and tried to make the class more entertaining and appealing to everyone. He is extremely approachable and actually cares about his students. I always felt comfortable asking questions and always left DL feeling more confident in what we were learning. I would definitely recommend him as a TA and even a professor for the 7 series.”
“I thought that Adam was amazing as a TA and I firmly believe that my success was amplified by his enthusiasm and understanding of physics”
Best TA ive had. keep it up.”
“Adam is an absolutely OUTSTANDING 7 series TA and individual. In all honesty, he is THE BEST TA I have had out of all my TA's in the 7 series. He is fun, very approachable, and extraordinarily skilled in explaining the course material in a way that is easy to understand. He alone made my time in 7C a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I genuinely feel that I learned so much more through his teaching methods - they were very practical and very effective, which, in turn, brought about a greater understanding of the subject matter. Overall, Adam is not only an amazing TA but also a wholesome, friendly, and altruistic person. I would DEFINITELY recommend him to other students taking the 7 series.”
“My favorite physics TA!!”
” Very good! Made a safe environment in which I was not afraid to ask questions”
“excellent TA! made the class interactive and more enjoyable to learn the material”
“I really liked how Adam took the time to make sure we all understood the material. Nothing felt too rushed and he was very approachable”
“Adam's positive attitude is infectious and makes DL much more bearable and at times entertaining. He is very eager to answer questions and it's easy to approach him. I would highly recommend him to other students.”
“Adam is very helpful and always tries his best to break down physics to the students. It is obvious that he has a firm understanding of the subject and can answer any questions. Very good TA!”
“Adam was an excellent TA whose enthusiasm was very apparent and helped approaching a topic like physics that I am not particularly interested in. His explanations were very helpful and he was very successful in answering questions/concerns. He's one of the best TAs I've had at Davis.”
“Adam did a good job of teaching the material in an effective manner and clarifying any confusion on the subject. He always asked if anyone had questions and made sure everyone was on the right page. He would even check up on students to make sure they were doing okay in the class. It was very clear that he cared about his students. I think Adam was the reason I was able to grasp the material better, and I'm very grateful I had him as my TA this quarter.”
“He was very helpful, responded to any student questions and made sure to work through them until students understood. He paid attention to what students were struggling with in the course and spent extra time on trying to better explain them. He was also very enthusiastic about physics and very approachable, as well as able to answer any students questions which showed excellent knowledge on the subjects.”
“Adam is very enthusiastic and active as a TA. This made physics really fun”
“Adam was very enthusiastic in DL and made what otherwise might be a tedious and long experience very fun and engaging. I consistently left DL with a feeling of command over the subject matters and Adam played a large role in that. Adam definitely stimulated my interest in the subject and he was always available to answer my questions during DL. Overall, incredibly helpful and engaging TA and I would highly recommend him to any of my peers who take Physics.”
“Adam is one of my favorite TA so far in STEM. I learn so much in discussion because he always comes prepared, is very knowledgeable, patient, and always checks up on all of us to check if we are following and understanding. He is always asking us if the pacing is too fast or too slow and always accommodates for us. He answers every single question I have patiently and always answers my email in a very timely manner. I like how he makes fun analogies for the concepts and it really helps me understand the materials. He is always welcoming and if I had the chance to take Adam again I would. As someone who has never taken physics, Adam has made this course a lot less painful and I actually look forward to coming to discussion because he makes the concepts very interesting and fun!!”
One of the best TAs I have ever had for a course!”
“Adam was very helpful to his students throughout DL and was always willing to meet outside of class to discuss physics topics and questions. He is the most enthusiastic TA that I have ever had and is truly passionate about physics. I would recommend any student to have him as a TA.”
“Adam was the best TA I have ever had. He is super helpful and responsive and tries to make sure that everyone understands the material.”
“My TA is the best TA! He really stimulated my interest in Physics”
“Adam was amazing! I honestly think my grade would have been much lower if I had a different TA. He made DL enticing and entertaining. He improved my learning greatly and I would 100% recommend him as a TA to anyone.”
“He is really cool and enthusiastic, and he definitely does not shame students for having questions. :) He is very available and made extra office hours for us.”
“Adam is awesome! He always walks around to each group to ask if they have questions, and will take extra time to explain concepts when people are confused. He encourages participation, is enthusiastic about physics and helping students, and makes us feel comfortable to ask questions.”
“He was the best TA I have ever had in any class and because of him I was able to understand the concepts much better. Thank you so much.”
One of the best TA's I've had at Davis. He explains concepts very well, and is always circling around the room to answer questions and help our thought process.”
“Awesome TA!!! Thanks Adam.”
“Adam was a great TA who created a positive learning environment. He was always willing to help during and outside of the class.”
“I've never had a better TA! Adam was exceptional in creating a comfortable learning environment. All questions were met with patience and understanding. I loved how he used the thumbs up/thumbs down to get a grasp of where students were on understanding concepts. He even held a review session and brought us coffee. Adam is an effective teacher and a great person. If he were to become a professor, I'm sure there would be no student that wouldn't want to take his class.”
“Great TA”
“Great TA. Very enthusiastic and understood the course very well”
“TA was helpful, friendly, easy to talk to.”
“Adam is receptive to recommendations from the students. He adjusted to suit our needs, which was very appreciated. He has a lot of good explanations for difficult concepts and organized DL to have more time allocated to more difficult subjects.”
“Adam is one of the best TAs I've ever had”
“My TA was the only good thing about this whole class. Way more enthusiastic than the professor. He always went out of his way to make sure we were able to understand every DL.”
“Contrary to lecture, the TA does his best in explaining and aiding in the understanding of the physics concepts, despite how some of the D/Ls dont match up with the content that is covered in class. His engagement and optimism enables students to ask questions and participate in lecture and his office hours are very popular. He is open to cover concepts that were covered or supposed to be covered in lecture and his explanations are clear.”
“Great TA! Thanks for teaching me”
“Adam is an amazing TA who is clearly passionate about teaching and learning. He is probably one of the best TAs I’ve had here at UCD.”
“Adam is the best TA I have had at Davis so far across all of my classes. He never made me feel dumb for not understanding something, and went out of his way to explain things in multiple different ways so that students with different learning styles could all understand it. I would want him to be my TA for PHY 7B and C if I could, because he really taught me everything I learned in this class and was so extremely helpful the whole time.”
“Adam is god”
“Adam made physics less painful.”
“Adam is one of the best TA's I've ever had and he's the only reason I *might* pass this class because he actually cares about students.”
“Extremely great TA. Provides support and information to help you succeed. Extremely helpful and is 10000X better than the professor. He is the only reason I am passing this class”
“Adam is a great TA! He is very enthusiastic about the material and goes above and beyond to help me understand concepts.”
“I absolutely adore Adam and his teaching style! I appreciate that he didn't just make us do busy work but actually put effort toward our learning and understanding in a fun and interactive way.”
“My TA was one of my favorites throughout my entire college career up to this point. He always brought energy to the DL even though many of us didn't, since it was late at night. He was very responsive and answered any questions we had clearly.”
“Easily by far the Best TA I’ve had in my 2 years here. Gets the concept across very well, helps clarify doubts perfectly and ensures that the class is lively. I would 100% want him to be my TA for next quarter when I take 2B and you guys should give him a raise if possible. He deserves it.”
“Adam is a fantastic TA. Funny, nice, knowledgeable, and when he answers questions he still makes you think for yourself instead of just giving answers away. I once told him “damn it adam, you made me think”
“My TA was amazing. He went through all of the concepts and took time to make sure everyone understood all the concepts. He was very enthusiastic and a very nice and helpful person.”
“The concepts in this course aren't the easiest to master, however Adam makes learning them enjoyable and interesting.”
“Great organization and very effective at helping students. Honestly, one of the best TAs I've had here at UCD”
“As a third year student, Adam has been one of the best TAs that I have ever had in any of my classes. Not only did his enthusiasm and humor make DL bearable given the time, but he explained all the concepts in a clear and concise way. Adam was able to make all the concepts we were learning understandable and interesting. He was always willing to explain any unclear topics until all students understood. His office hours were also incredibly helpful and he was able to answer any of the questions we had. I would recommend Adam as a TA to anyone, as he definitely made physics much more enjoyable than I thought It would be.”
“Materials were excellently explained. Very well done”
“Adam is hands down the best TA I've had for any class thus far, science and non-science. He consistently shows great enthusiasm for teaching physics in a fun and easy to learn manner. 90% of my knowledge in this course came from DL. Give this man a raise!”
“Adam is an exceptional TA with a great grasp on the material and how to present and convey it. 10/10 solid dude.”
“Adam was great the only complaint i have was that he sometimes made questions i had more confusing but that was only because he was trying to encourage me to think about them more deeply”
“Adam was very helpful when the class was very confused and even if he did not know the answer he would always come back to us with the answer. He really made DL more enjoyable with his enthusiasm about physics and his understanding of being a student.”
“Nice and understanding”
“Adam is enthusiastic and encourages group facilitated learning. He is also very caring of confusions we may have and works to clear it up.”
“Adam is a very organized TA. I like how he writes the schedule on the board so we know what to expect during DL. I like his teaching ways and I like how he goes around to each group asking questions.”
“Very helpful that Adam was willing to explain concepts in numerous ways”
“Adam shows that he cares which I really noticed when he went out of his way to email the class about certain material that we found difficult or when he had to correct himself. I also appreciates his time management and even though discussion is tiring I’m glad we get to go through everything thoroughly.”
“Very good at explaining the concepts in a way that I could understand. Always has a good answer to my questions.”
“Very welcoming personality and knows the material very well.”
“Adam is consistently pushing fun work into our classroom system! He brightens up every DL with his positive attitude and clear explanations to the material at hand. Although DL was 2 hours and 20 minutes long every time, every minute was enjoyable and an amazing learning experience!”
“I loved our TA because his teaching style really encouraged me to participate, ask questions, and think for myself. He was extremely friendly and approachable when asking questions and his genuine interest in the subject and us was clear. He was probably one of the best TAs I could ever have, and I'm really grateful.”
“Adam always did his best to try and get students to understand topics that were confusing and took different approaches to teach. His attitude was encouraging!”
“I really believe Adam was a great TA. I learned so much and even though it was a struggle, his discussion really aid in my understanding. He is very informative and fun to communicate with. Easy to approach in general and he just has a happy vibe around him. If possible, it would be nice to have him teach for phy 7c as well.”
“He genuinely wants his students to succeed and makes us think among ourselves rather than giving the answers but he is always open to questions, no matter how many there were”
“Adam is for the most part an enthusiastic TA who is interested in physics and enjoys teaching it. He is also very willing to answer questions which is a solid quality in a TA”
“Adam was amazing he was so helpful he actually explained the materials while many ta just tell you the answers and move on. He made sure everyone understood the material. If there is an award for the best TA it should go to Adam.
“Great TA! Very thorough on explaining the FNT’s and made sure everyone understood each FNT and topic. I liked how he constantly made sure everyone understood and went around to everyone individually and asked if they had any questions.”
“Very ecstatic and conversational with students.”
“Adam is a great physics TA! He is knowledgeable on the material and is very friendly. He made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions during class. He encouraged us to participate and ask for help often. I could tell he really cares about his students and tried his best to keep us all engaged in the material.”
“I really enjoyed having you as a TA! You did an excellent job of clarifying confusing topics throughout the course”
“Amazing TA! One of the best ones I've had. If I could nominate him for an award I would. He's amazing at explaining concepts, and goes great lengths to set up examples that are easy to understand. He's also funny and relatable, and generally an excellent teacher. :)”
“Adam is seriously so amazing. He is so responsive to every question he gets, never dismissing anything as a "stupid question" or refusing to answer something he's gone over before. He explains concepts in a student-friendly way and in a way that almost makes physics... exciting??”
One of the best TA's, and certainly the best physics TA, I've ever had. Very friendly, enthusiastic, and compassionate person who I credit with my passing the course”
Best TA!! Thank you for making physics fun for me-- I was never really comfortable speaking up in class and asking questions for fear of being judged, but you made it easy to. I appreciated your patience when explaining concepts to us”
“I loved the fact that Adam welcomed any questions and made sure everyone was confident before moving forward with the next topic. weheartadam #ripadam’sfish”
“Honestly very great TA”
“Adam is such a nice guy and a wonderful teacher”
“7C was definitely the hardest for me to grasp, and Adam did an excellent job at explaining the concepts, and for the most part, made sure we understood them. He definitely made DL more fun with his positive attitude!”

For Engineers, Mathematicians, and Physicists…

“Great instructor, great attitude, he was well prepared and happy about what he was doing. 10/10 would recommend him”
“great lab TA. understands material well, cool guy, clearly likes physics”
“Adam was amazing”
“Adam is honestly the coolest TA”
“one of the best lab instructors ever! super nice and super helpful! Go Adam!”
Best Lab TA I've had for physics”
Best physics lab TA I’ve had yet”
Best Physics Lab TA I've had. Very positive, and excited about the material. Very helpful too, as well as kind.”
“Adam was a great TA who directed students in the right direction without giving away any answers”
The best TA I've had
“Most educational lab experience i have had yet”